CA Mon Commerce

  • Client: Crédit Agricole
  • Project type: Revamp web CA Mon Commerce
  • Date: since 2021
  • Services: UX/UI DesignWeb developmentArtistic directionDataChatbot

CA Mon Commerce is a brand within Credit Agricole (French network of cooperative banks) that offers payment solutions to professional businesses/merchants. They can be online solutions (ecommerce via web) or physical solutions (allowing customers to pay in shop). They needed to be independent for content management and web authoring, without the need for intermediaries. Go to the website!

01 _ Needs & Problems

Before the Revamp project was launched, website had multiple limits:

    Technical limits: the old CMS of the website was not stable and not based on a secure technical stack which made each new evolution complex to add on the website and each step to production very risky. The client was not independent to update the content when needed. This had a negative impact on the overall performance of the website, and especially on page loading. Visual identity: The design of the website was a bit chaotic, with no visual harmony in terms of colours and layout. The photos used on the pages came from image banks, and together with a poor art direction, made the website unattractive and lacked a strong visual identity. Customer journeys & conversions : users were not helped to navigate through the website as there were inconsistencies in terms of UX. The CTAs were not clear either, and the users’ landing on contact forms were neither easy nor systematic which affected conversions. Structure of page contents : as CAPS’s offers are somehow complex to understand for users, former product, category and pricing pages were not especially well organized and key information like technical specifications and prices were not self-explanatory and were lost as you scrolled.

02 _ Solutions

After an exhaustive market benchmark and a detailed functional specification exercise to guarantee an implementation following the banking industry best practices, we have created a brand new website with powerful capabilities.

Fresh visual identity

A new artistic direction infused a strong visual harmony in terms of colors and modernity of the designs. Interaction and micro-animations were added to make the navigation more fluid, and an exclusive bank of images of CAPS products and professions was built through a dedicated photo shooting.


Extended and flexible editorial toolbox

We redesigned the entire structure and layout of the website with new content blocks based on a design system and a new structure of the corporate colours. CAPS products, services, documentation and pricing information were organized and templatized in a dedicated PIM component integrated with Wagtail CMS platform that was purposely customized to simplify and accelerate the editorial process.

Data-driven customer journeys

User touch points UX were optimized, A/B tested in order to achieve efficient dynamic and interactive journeys. An online subscription funnel was built and all contact form's experience was improved to send qualified leads directly to regional agencies back-office tools. A continuous in-depth tracking of the website provides user interactions analytics to constantly refine the user journeys based on proven data points.


Virtual assistant

To boost conversation and lead engagement, a chatbot available 24/7 responds to questions about Crédit Agricole's payment services and products. Integrated directly into the website and the CMS tool, it provides a wide range of discussion topics for the user with a dual objective: to help customers and to generate new leads.


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Strong technical foundation

The website has been designed and developed as a future proof platform capable of growing with upcoming needs. In addition, the solution:

  • Meets Crédit Agricole security requirements.
  • Guarantees the optimized SEO and overall performance of the website.
  • Integrates with CAPS IT infrastructure.

A multidisciplinary team composed of project managers, UX/UI designers, data analysts and developers has worked for 6 months on this revamping project.

The key milestones were:

  • Creation of the new Artistic Direction.
  • Functional specifications.
  • Application of the new DA to all pages of the site with UI and A/B testing iterations.
  • Agile development and testing.
  • Digital assets management.
  • Content integration.
  • Global optimizations.

Our “secret” to manage the project in an efficient way was to work hand-to-hand with the client to be as close as possible to their expectations at each step of the project. Bi-weekly meetings were key to go forward and validate each feature.

03 _ Improvements

We are very excited to keep the website evolving on a daily basis since the first release in June 2021. The most impressive evolutions that we’ve worked on are the following:

  • Blocks portfolio evolutions.
  • UX optimizations.
  • Back-office optimizations.
  • Tracking & Data.
  • New Landing Pages.
  • Cross-website conversion.
  • New DA and micro animations.

04 _ Results

Since the first release in June 2021, we are very happy to keep the website evolving through regular releases with new features and improvements. The 39 regional agencies enjoy the new website that makes them more efficient in their day-to-day activity. CAPS also reached major strategic KPIs:

  • 60% performance increase of the web site vitals
  • 10% customer acquisition increase
  • 70% bounce rate reduction
  • 50% shorter content editorial process

We have been working with With Madrid for over 3 years. A dynamic team, always ready to take on new challenges, in a friendly and professional atmosphere

Laure-Anne Théréné Digital Marketing Project Manager CAPS


Project Manager: Roxane Chatel, . Perrine Saussol, . Clara Bernard, . Emanuelle Cohen, .

UX Designer: Javier Catalán de la Puente, .

Data Analyst: Vitor Monteiro, .

UI Designer: Cristela Domínguez, . Mar Fernández-Cuenca, . Andrés Abril, .

Development: Raphael Pastre, . Julien Guépéroux, . Héctor Soria, .


Axure, .Figma, .Gitlab, .Google suite, .Wagtail, .Nuxt, .AWS, .Data studio, .Google Analytics, .Google Tag Manager, .HTML, .CSS, .Java Script, .Python, .