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If you are curious, risky, innovative, creative, and passionate about digital ecosystem, join us!

We embrace diversity, we love to welcome new talents!

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The technical team

The team aims to stay agile despite its growth. We make sure that everybody can work on projects that get their interest, even if it requires training to jump on new technologies.

We have well-defined process and methodology, based on Extreme Programming, to ensure that requirements are realistic and that deadlines can reasonably be met.

Our company goal is also to embrace diversity and to make sure that we can all work together. The team is international and we would welcome foreigners as well as Spanish candidates. As such, the working language in the office is English.

And finally, we encourage everybody to participate in open-source projects like BERNARD, our own framework to create chatbot services. This of course includes coding but also stepping on the stage to talk about what we do and what we believe.

The perks

You will enjoy a joyful open-minded family spirit with:

  • An open-space office with a stunning terrace over Madrid skyline
  • Flexible hours
  • Flexible work location (work at home and at the office)
  • Unlimited vacations
  • Brazilian cook preparing meals 3-days a week
  • Team seminary (last one was in Menorca)
  • Innovation projects
  • Formation and training
  • Playground (playstation, VR / MR, piano,...)
  • And much more to be discovered by yourself....

The process

Our selection process includes a technical test where you will be able to show your expertise and it will challenge your skills, but with a lot of fun.

Once you pass the test, the next step are the interviews with the Technical Director and General Manager. After that you will receive a formal proposal and, hopefully, the hiring and welcome party!

The whole process usually takes less than a week.