With Fury Machine

  • Project type: Internal
  • Date: 2020

In a mix of 80s vibrant colors, science fiction and cool vibes, a pixelated aventure was born. We created our custom arcade game the WITH Fury Machine, where each Madrid team member is part of the game. A fun photoshoot, composition and editing was part of the process.

The 80s are back

Lightning, pixels, strong colours, neon... What would happen if the eighties came back to the future... in a delorean? The composition is reminiscent of current superhero movies but the iconic style, elements, typography and effects make this visual style unique, like a pink unicorn.

with-fury-machine-logo with-fury-machine-rotation

Cover machine and designed poster.


The team doing its best. We arranged our own photoshoot set for the team. Pay attention to the attrezzo, until that moment we did not know all the treasure we had in the office.

We have composed the images and illuminate based on the whole enviroment. Everything affects everything, even the lower lasers provide light, not to mention explosions.


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