Cartier Pavilion of Design

  • Client: Cartier Spain
  • Project type: Design Exhibition
  • Date: 2021
  • Services: UX/UI DesignWeb developmentArtistic DirectionData Analysis

Cartier was holding an exclusive event in the emblematic Retiro Park of Madrid. The exhibition gathered the famous, iconic and timeless collections of the Maison, offering to the guests a deep immersion experience into Cartier’s world and heritage. The main goals were to seduce younger audiences and customers, renovating and reinventing Cartier’s brand image, as well as accessing new potential customers and collecting valuable information (preferences, beliefs, etc.).

01 _ Needs & Problems

Cartier wanted to generate high visibility in the media and a strong impact on the participants through innovative personalized experiences. Those experiences offered the participants an opportunity to discover, access and share privileged information about Cartier.

Another important objective for Cartier was collecting data to better understand its audience interest. The personalization for each participant of the journey during the event allowed Cartier to access key information about its public (product affinity, taste, preference, interest, age category, etc.).

cartier-pavilion-of-design-photo-2 cartier-pavilion-of-design-photo-1

02 _ Solutions

The use of innovative technologies has been a key factor for the success of the project and to achieve a great digital experience during the event.


Creation of a webapp to register every participant attending the event. This data was automatically sent to Cartier’s CRM and a new profile account was created.

Use of NFC Technology to create personalized NFC bracelets linked to each participant account created at the entrance of the event. Those bracelets allow the participants to activate digital experiences along the event circuit giving the opportunity for Cartier to collect data on participants’ interest.

We created many dynamic experiences related to NFC technology and activated by the NFC bracelet.

  • Exhibitions Touchpoints for the participants to scan their bracelet and access Cartier exclusive content.
  • Touch & Try Touchpoints for the participants to scan their bracelet on the pieces they want to try. Cartier can then make a follow-up of these potential customers.
  • Virtual Photobooh Experience for the participant to scan their bracelet to access a personalized photo session and a Cartier-branded GIF animation. The participants can choose to project the GIF on the 18 TV display wall in the middle of the event, or to send the GIF to their email for sharing it in social networks.

After understanding Cartier's needs, we created a strategy based on an immersive digital experience to deeply impact the participants. A research on new technologies applied to events was realized, followed by a proof of concept to validate those technologies in the project context.

The technical team including developers, production and technical directors were involved in this crucial step to guarantee the project viability. Besides this, an important team including UX and UI designers, project managers, and data analysts were collaborating to execute the project.

We worked hand-to-hand with Cartier providers in charge of setting up the physical event infrastructure in a record time frame.

03 _ Results

The Cartier exhibition has been a success, welcoming more than 40.000 visitors during the month of the event. More than 9.000 participants registered through the landing page and obtained a personalized NFC bracelet. With those NFC bracelets, there were more than 20.000 scans on NFC lectors and the virtual photobooth experience created more than 3.000 GIFs that were shared to the participants and on social media.


Project Manager: Annabelle Culty, . Marion Fournier, .

UX Designer: Javier Catalán de la Puente, .

Data Analyst: Vitor Monteiro, .

UI Designer: Cristela Domínguez, .

Development: David Jiménez, . Héctor Soria, .


Axure, .Figma, .Gitlab, .Django, .HTML, .CSS, .Java Script, .Python, .CRM, .Data Studio, .NFC, .Raspberry PI, .Video Streaming, .