Toyota Financial Services

  • Client: Toyota Financial Services (France)
  • Project type: Revamp
  • Date: Since 2021
  • Services: UX/UI DesignWeb developmentVirtual assistantProcess automationWebclient data

Toyota Financial Services (TFS) is a major player in the French automotive market used by Toyota Motor Corporation to sell lease and credit financing products, as well as maintenance and insurance services for Toyota and Lexus brands. As part of their digital strategy evolution, TFS needed to redesign their legacy website to be more effective in the way they were communicating and interacting with prospects and existing customers. Go to toyota website!Go to lexus website!

01 _ Needs & problems

Their communication strategy was challenged by a complex value chain with multiple actors (car manufacturers, national car dealers, TFS) all interacting with customers at different stages of the car purchase journey. TFS was looking for smart and efficient ways to create value for their customers without disrupting the ecosystem while achieving their key business goals:

  • Common strategy for Toyota and Lexus brands.
  • Increase the traffic of their website.
  • Incentivize the creation of personal accounts on their website, very early on in the car purchase process.
  • Optimize and automate the clients' requests process to reduce post sales support overhead.
  • Transform their legacy information system to regain agility and innovation.

We have proposed a ‘yes-we-can’ methodology to break free from the legacy statu quo. A minimum valuable product was quickly identified and implemented. Thanks to cross-functional teams brainstorming workshops, a long-term product backlog was defined to meet commercial, marketing, operations and support requirements while removing the frictions and limitations of their digital ecosystem. User-stories, wireframes and designs were followed by development sprints executed in Extreme Programming.

Our technical expertise and experience in CMS website designs, as well as on virtual assistants, encourage the client to trust us during this major digital revamp project:

02 _ Solutions

Redesign of the website

We created the website with a built-in CMS composed of custom content blocks that TFS editorial team can easily configure with corporate colours for Toyota Financial Services & Lexus Financial Services brands. This is a unique place to present, enhance and promote financing offers and services with segmented content and functionalities according to different profiles.

In order to improve the user experience, we analyzed the legacy content that the brands were using to drive sales and we worked on innovative and more visual ways of presenting it to the users.


Redesign of the personal account

We redesigned the personal account of the TFS customers to propose a platform that empowers them throughout the contract life cycle. This platform informs, engages and retains all Toyota Financial Services customers thanks to:


1 / 2

    A Mobile first website with integrated notifications. A personal account accessible to all users to display and manage simulations, contracts and personal information. A simplified management of requests, documents and services. A Chatbot to handle users' questions, redirect them to the right offers and services.

For each step of the car purchase process, we worked on a dynamic design that changed the blocks, sizes and position of the elements depending on what were the main pain points in each phase.

Virtual assistant

Along with an administrable FAQ on the public space, we proposed an available 24/7 chatbot on the public & private spaces that helps users for any type of questions related to products, services, user connection, offers, or contracts.

This virtual assistant is also meant to generate new leads. The conversation flows are adapted to each page of the both web sites TFS & LFS (public / private) proposing a choice among questions or a “free” question.

toyota-financial-services-back-mockup toyota-financial-services-mobile-mockup

Infrastructure revamp

To address the outdated IT environment, we proposed a cloud-based infrastructure that was fully compliant with Toyota security requirements and GDPR regulations. This infrastructure was purposely designed to accommodate and integrate other vendors of the TFS IT ecosystem with a new set of APIs, new deployments pipelines, a shared database and a clear RACI that transformed the way software was built and released at TFS. We also put in place a data lake based on Google BigQuery to track and analyse KPIs related to the personal and public websites.

The initial project took 8 months to go through, for each functionalities, the requirements definition, the co-working on the wireframes, the proposition of designs for both brands, the validation of the detailed specifications, the web developments and the validation by all TFS stakeholders. The product is since then continuously improved and enriched by new functionalities.

04 _ Results

In the first three months since the launch of the website, we had very positive results:

  • + 8,383 (+14%) account created since launch (13/07/2021-13/10/2021)
  • 17,177 requests since launch (13/07/2021-13/10/2021).

We are fully satisfied with the work done by the With Agency, they really understood our needs and the achievement is up to our expectations

David Schotkosky CEO Toyota Financial Services


Project Manager: Roxane Chatel, . Abel Pigache, . Tiphaine Chermeux, .

UX Designer: Javier Catalán de la Puente, .

Data Analyst: Vitor Monteiro, .

UI Designer: Mar Fernández-Cuenca, .

Development: Romain Bouyx, . Kevin Maikath, . Héctor Soria, . Julien Guépéroux, .


Axure, .Figma, .Gitlab, .Google suite, .Nuxt, .AWS, .Data studio, .Google Analytics, .Google Tag Manager, .Matomo, .HTML, .CSS, .Java Script, .Python, .