• Client: Crédit Agricole
  • Project type: Revamp
  • Date: Since 2021
  • Services: UX/UI DesignWeb developmentArtistic DirectionProcess automationData

AgoraPay is a brand launched in 2021 by Crédit Agricole Group (French network of cooperative banks) to offer a new payment solution for the marketplaces. As part of their go-to-market strategy, Crédit Agricole needed to create the AgoraPay website with the objective to present the offer and generate commercial leads. Crédit Agricole also needed to position, explain and promote the platform payment capabilities to the developer community.

03 _ Needs & Problems

Because payment solutions are inherently complex systems to apprehend and to implement, Crédit Agricole was looking for innovative ways to make the value proposition as accessible as possible for both developers or business owners. In this context, Crédit Agricole wanted to rely on payment systems experts capable of making a complex topic easy to understand and to evaluate against other market solutions. The key business objectives were:

    To create a commercial website presenting the value proposition and attracting leads for AgoraPay commercial teams. To explain to the marketplace owners/managers how the solution works and what are its main capabilities. To provide to the developer community step by step instructions and best practices for implementing and integrating AgoraPay solution. Develop a sustainable implementation process and technical documentation maintenance as their core payment platform evolves.

02 _ Solutions

Thanks to its experience of payment systems, we developed a website and developer tools that competed against the major players of marketplace payment solutions. The key capabilities implemented were:


Technical documentation

to guarantee the AgoraPay value proposition understanding by developers, we created the entire technical documentation in French and English. The UI team transformed complex API workflows into intuitive and visual diagrams that synthesized the platform key concepts.

Integrated CMS

To ease the documentation content management, we developed a CMS based on Wagtail and created new UX/UI blocks allowing the Crédit Agricole to manage both the commercial website and technical documentation. Custom editorial roles and permissions were set up on the documentation back-office so the AgoraPay’s team could manage the content based on their internal approval process (draft, edit, validate, publish).


User-persona-driven journeys

To accommodate the expectations of developers and business owners, we optimized the user touch points UX with A/B testing in order to achieve efficient dynamic and interactive journeys. A continuous in-depth tracking of the website provides user interactions analytics to constantly refine the user journeys based on proven data points.


API Reference

To get a quick understanding of all the APIs available and how they work, we created a searchable ‘API Reference’ section that details the API calls with request/response examples and renders the AgoraPay swagger API definition through an automated pipeline.

Code samples and best practices

To help developers implement the solution we created a Github repository with pre-build examples in each language supported by AgoraPay (Node, Python, PHP, Go, Ruby). In those repositories, we provided best practices recommendations and detailed the solution's technical implementation with multiple reference samples to guide developers during their onboarding and implementation process of the solution.

03 _ Results

The developer space is accessible from AgoraPay’s website since december 2021, below are a few promising KPIs:

  • 60 pages written in 2 languages
  • 4500 coding lines restructured into the API Reference
  • 18 APIs documented
  • 3 reference implementations


Project Manager: Samuel Poutignat, .

UX Designer: Javier Catalán de la Puente, .

UI Designer: Cristela Domínguez, . Andrés Abril, .

Development: Pedro Arenas, . Raphaël Pastre, . Julien Gueperoux, .


Axure, .Figma, .Gitlab, .Google Analytics, .Wagtail, .Nuxt, .Algolia, .Data studio, .Google Analytics, .Google Tag Manager, .HTML, .CSS, .Java Script, .Python, .Node, .PHP, .Nuxt, .Go, .Ruby, .